Annam About 1800 years ago (C. 200 BCE), the Chinese conquered an area that presently in the Vietnam and named it 'Annam' (meaning "Pacified South") The historic kingdom is now part of Vietnam. The name Annam was used in the West to refer to Vietnam as a whole. Vietnamese were referred to as "Annamites."
    Bansuri Indian side-blown bamboo flute. Believed to be the oldest musical instrument.
    Flag of India National flag of India
    India flag National flag of India
    Indian flag National flag of India
    Pingali Venkayya Indian freedom fighter and designer of the flag on which the Indian national flag was based.
    Pangaea The most recent supercontinent on Earth that existed 250 million years ago. Every 500 million years or so, Earth’s continents rearrange themselves into a supercontinent with all the land masses joined together. Typically, supercontinents exist for a few hundred million years before breaking up and drifitng away.
    Tiranga Tiranga ("tricolor") is the popular name for the National flag of India
    Venkayya, Pingali Indian freedom fighter and designer of Indian national flag

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